Pemba Island consists of gentle, undulating hills and deep verdant valleys which are all covered with a dense cover of clove, coconut and mango plantation. A more fertile land it is difficult to imagine. But it is not just the landscape that gives Pemba its magical reputation.

Pemba is brilliant and renowned for deep sea diving and snorkeling. We offer two hotels on Pemba Island – the Manta Reef Lodge and the Fundu Lagoon. Both offer great locations, and great beaches. See Hotels/Lodges section of our website for details on these two properties.

Pemba is located 5° South of the equator and 43° East of the prime meridian. It is 50 Nautical miles south of Mombassa and 25 miles off the Tanzanian Coast (Tanga). The Southern tip of Pemba is 22 miles from the northern most tip of Pemba.

pemba island 2
pemba island

Ngezi Forest Reserves is another protected area dedicated to conservation of the terrestrial biodiversity. It houses some endemic species of fauna and flora. The mpapindi and flying fox are rare species of the area. The area accrues some funds as entry fee, grants as donations by interested parties. This money so generated from the tourists’ activities is spent partly to run the project and therefore directly help conservation.

Misali Island Conservation is marine protected area dedicated to conservation of the marine bio diversity. The project has a very effective management structure that controls and protects it.Misali Conservation Association has been established to supplement conservation ideals. Its survival as protected area is motivated by tourism which regards as its one of the attraction. Misali obtains its revenues from tourism activities in the area mainly entry fees, cruising, diving, snorkeling and researches.