Zanzibar, the very word itself is captivating; the most mythical island in the world. Who does not know about it? What has not been written about it? For centuries visited by traders and sailors from remote places, the result today is a magic blend of cultures and traditions, an exotic and cosmopolitan society.

Elegantly lying 5 miles off Zanzibar Stone Town, 30 minutes boat drive, Bawe Tropical Island is an island not bigger than a football pitch. A beautiful island that takes the breath away; acres of lush, sexy paradise haven so skilfully done that you will think it all happened naturally.

Arrival at Bawe is something truly unforgettable; a spectacular private island, a haven of peace, silence and cut off ness from the madding outside world.

This lost corner of the world offers a very elementary place with no air condition; simplicity, anonymity and freedom are the determining factors for the guests, 30 people cut off from the rest of the world for whom clothing is optional… Of course, it is your private stretch of sandy beach with barely anyone on it. Only footprints; maybe your own.

Bawe is the love beach. Simply too good to be true.